South Azerbaijani Children And Their Issues Up Today, 73rd Session On the Rights Of The Child

The rights to education in mother language.
Children are vulnerable with the adverse impact on their education, physical wellbeing, sexual exploitation, abduction and subsequent exploitation by human trafficking bandits.
Children get involved in: Washing car glasses, selling cigarettes and even are drawn to drug dealing by adults in street.
Working in a brick furnace more than 14 hours in a day.
Azerbaijani girls working in a carpet factories from the age of 5 years old.
The West Azerbaijan province is confronted with the severe problem of using drugs and narcotic drugs. Which cause the risk of addiction among children too.
4488 children were coerced to marriage under the age of 15 in east Azerbaijan just in 2014.
Girls by the age of 15 in East Azerbaijan cities is likely to have two kids of five and one years old.
Most of the village girls undergo marriage with men often 10 years older than themselves.
Children suffer incalculable ill-effects because of unduly subjected to sex, pregnancy, giving premature birth, in-house violence by husband or other members of the family.
Children ran away because of sexual abuse and even suffer sexual abuse living rough in the streets.

Lack of a secure living environment, rough situation in childhood, sexual abuses, families economic poverty, migration to large cities, lack of any pragmatic policy and no glimmer of hope to signify possible progress are some of the key factors that should be considered and I.R.I is the responsible for these issues consequences.


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